The Moti Vision
Built By Us, For You: A letter from our owner Jay Patel

Moti is built on the hard work and compassion that was so lovingly instilled upon me in the most unlikely of ways. As immigrants determined to raise first generation American-Indian children, my parents sent me to India in hopes of understanding the culture and values they previously held.  

At five, I moved into the modest home of my grandmother who, despite her economic status, used fresh ingredients from her home grown garden and looked after her plants with the same dedication and love I was surrounded with during my stay. We built a bond closer than that of a mother and child, she became my best friend, mentor, and real-life superhero. Moti—meaning pearl, and “bigger” described her only too well. She was larger than life, larger than any adversity, and a larger part of my life than any influence I’ve encountered so far.

We hope to be bigger than your go-to cafe. We hope to foster relationships with each of our guests so that we can build a brand that is trusted and known for the same compassion and love that I was fortunate enough to have apart of my life. To create a legacy that holds true to its name, and gives everyone a piece of Moti that they’re proud to enjoy as a part of their life.


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